Manufacturing support for emergency buildings: what they need, where & when they need it.

30 Mar 2020


Leading UK insulated panel manufacturer Hemsec has changed its production schedules to help organisations and businesses cope with the public health emergency. The move is enabling the Merseyside based firm to respond promptly to calls for urgent building projects requiring structural insulated panels.

Now more than ever, people and companies are pulling together all over the world to achieve amazing things in response to the pandemic.  Hemsec is geared up to support demand for many types of buildings such as those supporting medical emergency capabilities, provisions for food storage and distribution, increasing production capabilities for vital equipment or converting an arena/exhibition/event space for emergency facilities.

Hemsec can help to put up structures quickly using structural insulated panels, for any of the following, whether inside or outside premises, or at an arena, exhibition or event space:

  • Healthcare product manufacturing (including hygiene/clean-rooms and temperature-controlled areas)
  • Food manufacture, storage, and distribution (food safe freezers, chillers, and ambient areas)
  • Health services (theatres, treatment rooms, and pharmaceutical storage)
  • Accommodation (temporary isolation rooms, home-working pods, and hospital wards)

Commercial Manager Chris Griffin said, “This is a difficult time for everyone, and if we can play a small part in making things easier then we’re here to do what we can.  As these panels are particularly suited for hygiene/clean-rooms and food production we’re keeping a minimal team volunteers running the line to be able to help out those who need it.  These panels are used in all sorts of applications, providing structure and thermal insulation, and finishes to provide protection from some of the most extreme conditions.  As we have focused our production team on panels required for Key Work, we can manufacture and deliver quickly to order with fewer staff within the factory.  Everyone else has been sent home and where their jobs allow for it we have geared our employees up to work remotely.”

The company has been around since 1928 so has experience handling urgent demand during difficult times. Hemsec panels are structural, and suitable for both internal and external applications, so they can be used as the building structure and/or the internal liners depending on the need.

The company can supply for temporary, permanent, and modular spaces, working with a number of partners to support the supply of all manner of buildings.  So, if businesses or organisations need insulated panels on a supply only basis or if they need the whole solution, Hemsec can help them get what they need, where & when they need it.

Hemsec will endeavour to ensure its factory remains open for business until instructed otherwise by the Government.

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