Management Training gives David a new perspective

05 Apr 2018

Business School Featured

Chamber Member, M&Y Maintenance and Construction, is putting its managers through their paces, as it prepares for growth.

As well as offering Apprenticeships to young people, the company also offers high level management qualifications to its top level staff, as part of a commitment to staff development and growth.

David Morell, Head of Health, Safety and Facilities, explains: “M&Y Maintenance and Construction is part of the Regenda Group, which owns properties and social housing. M&Y repairs and maintains these properties and fits new kitchens, new bathrooms and performs gas installations, as well as construction and refurbishment projects.”

David manages teams at both M&Y and Regenda and is currently undertaking a Level 5 Diploma in Management through St Helens Chamber.

He said: “The management course covers a massive breadth of subjects over the two years like Financial Performance, Strategic and Critical Thinking and Leadership and Management. I decided to take it up, as it was a good opportunity to gain a qualification to reinforce the things I was doing on a daily basis.

“I am also chartered with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and they expect me to keep up to date with my professional development.”

As well as providing David with additional skills and a nationally recognised qualification, the course has also given him a fresh outlook.

He continued: “Most importantly, the course provided me with a different perspective on the difference between leadership and management; like when to lead and when to manage.”

M&Y places a lot of importance on staff training and development, recognising that providing a workforce with the right skills can greatly benefit the business.

David said: “M&Y is looking to grow as a business by recruiting staff and venturing into more areas and my team has grown since we started going down that path. It is vital that all staff grow and develop and in order for us to keep up.

“After the course, I will see what I can do next and use it as a stepping stone to do more qualifications.”

David is pleased with the way that St Helens Chamber has delivered the Management course.

He said: “The advisers have been very helpful and clearly explained the course, which is also broken down well.

“When we do assignments I know exactly what I am expected to do and when it needs to be done by. The sessions we have are very helpful too as they guide you towards doing each unit and how to complete them.”

To find out more about the Level 5 Diploma in Management or any other qualifications delivered by St Helens Chamber contact the Workforce Development Team on 01744 742333 or visit