Make your business aspirations a reality with Access to Specialist Services

15 May 2017


St Helens Chamber provides a range of services to help local businesses grow and succeed. In addition to our in house services, we can part fund external specialist advice to help you make your business aspirations a reality.

Through the Access to Specialist Services (A2SS) programme, St Helens Chamber can provide grants of up to 35% of your investment in consultants to help you grow your business.

This programme can support a wide range of projects for businesses looking to grow, from advice on how to achieve industry accreditation to devising a successful marketing strategy. The programme is flexible, so while there are a list of typical projects that are undertaken through the Access to Specialist Services programme, it is by no means exhaustive and our business advisers can offer advice and guidance on a new project you may have in mind.

The Access to Specialist Services programme has helped a number of local businesses achieve growth. Rainford based Allied Lifts have won a number of high profile clients after receiving specialist tendering advice through the programme.

Graham Pollard, Business Development Manager, at Allied Lifts said: “We wanted to better our opportunities when producing tender notification returns through various online services.

“This required specialised consultancy guidance for our staff and assisted in their expertise enabling them to successfully complete these online tender opportunities and achieve the business’ commitment to growth.

“We found the help from the Chamber second to none and it allowed us to source the correct and most fitting supplier to deliver a bespoke consultancy for our needs.

“It is now very common to find opportunities for tendering via the web, which requires a specific approach to complete the documents and without this consultancy we would have missed many opportunities for business.

“Since completing the tender management consultancy, we have found the support invaluable for future tenders and are seeing continued growth. We have also secured various high profile accounts and we know this will continue to flourish and enable us to grow the business.”

If you are a St Helens based small or medium sized business, operating in a business-to-business environment, then you are eligible to receive support from our Access to Specialist services programme.

This project is part of the New Markets 2 Programme which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

For more information contact John Woods on 01744 742058 or email or visit the A2SS page here