Logistics Company, Trucking the Virus Trend

15 Jan 2021


As we fast approach the 12 month mark since the pandemic struck, many businesses are reflecting on what has been one of the toughest years ever. However, resilience, ingenuity, and downright determination to survive, has led to some companies viewing the future with considerable optimism. They are emerging as leaner, more efficient operations, and are embracing new, exciting opportunities.

One such company is Chamber Member and St Helens Logistics firm, SSO Logistics.  The company’s main customer base was severely affected by the pandemic, and the wheels started to grind to a halt. .

SSO MD Peter Draper reflects, “The initial lockdown affected us quite severely at first, our revenues dropped 50% overnight. We knew we had to quickly adjust to the situation financially, and that we had to replace our fall in revenue”

The SSO management team carried out a full review of expenditure and operational procedures. It identified areas where costs could be cut, and areas where efficiency could be improved.  This streamlining of the operation, along with a push to get into the food supply chain, set the wheels in motion for a return to normal.

SSO recently made use of St Helens Chamber Business Growth Grant to part fund its accreditation to the British Retail Consortium quality standard for distribution companies.

“We moved more into food storage and distribution, which was always going to be constant through the pandemic” says Peter, “Our BRC AA status was invaluable in securing the food storage contracts, and the transport that goes with them.”

SSO made considerable investment in its warehousing space, and also in an electronic stock control system. It now has a paperless system, which all but eliminates its drivers contact with other people.

The investment has paid off, and the company have had to take extra warehousing space to cope with the demand. It has also been able to re-ignite its pre COVID plans to update its fleet, and carry out a complete re-branding exercise. The SSO fleet is now fully compliant with all the latest environmental regulations, and stands out from the crowd, with its striking new livery.

The final words from Peter, “I have to say we would not have been able to get through this period without the efforts of our fantastic workforce. You see people’s true colours when you have to push them outside their comfort zone. Safe to say they all passed with flying colours!”

He continues, “Although the situation was grave at first we feel we are now in a good place. The new systems, the investment in warehousing and trucks, is now bearing fruit. The whole team is confident that we can take full advantage of the recovery when it comes, and that SSO logistics will continue to grow and prosper.”

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