Local franchise’s new technology creates 15 local jobs

24 Apr 2017


An Earlestown based franchise has undergone a ‘digital makeover’ after significant investment, creating 15 new jobs.

The McDonald’s restaurant on Deacon Trading Estate has introduced a number of new technologies which are said to be enhancing customer experience and will benefit the local area, in terms of creating new roles.

As well as introducing two electronic self service kiosks, the restaurant has introduced table service to improve the experience of customers who may be dining with young children or simply don’t want to queue at traditional tills to order their meal.

Staff have also noticed that  the way people are interacting with the restaurant is different, since introducing Wifi and tablets to the dining area. Usually, McDonald’s is seen as a fast food establishment where there isn’t a focus on spending a lot of time in the restaurant, but due to the introduction of new technology people are spending more time there and  making use of the facilities.

These new jobs are amongst many similar opportunities coming to the St Helens area, due to the development of new retail and restaurant premises.

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