Local companies team up with St Helens Chamber to offer training and employment opportunities

16 Nov 2016


Two St Helens businesses have partnered with St Helens Chamber to offer manufacturing and warehousing training and employment opportunities to local young people.

Film & Foil and Electrovision are looking for local young people aged 18 – 24 to join their teams and have developed a new recruitment and skills programme with the Chamber to help find their new trainees.

The programme includes eight weeks initial training in basic manufacturing and health and safety skills, delivered at St Helens Chamber’s dedicated Construction Training Centre, followed by six months paid work experience and training with one of the employers.

During the six months trainees will continue to develop their skills at the Chamber’s Construction Training Centre and will be paid £194 – £243 a week, depending on their age.

This project is partially funded by the European Social Fund and Youth Employment Initiative.

Upon successfully completing the six months, trainees will be interviewed for a permanent paid position and Apprenticeship training with Film & Foil or Electrovision, resulting in becoming a fully qualified manufacturing or warehousing operative.

Enrolment for the programme takes place on 25th November 2016. To find out more about this and other training and employment opportunities available through St Helens Chamber, please call Starting Point on  01744 698800 or email info@thestartingpoint.org.