Local community group, St Helens Street Pastors are seeking new recruits

20 Apr 2017


Chamber Member, St Helens Street Pastors are looking to recruit new team members to keep people safe on the streets at night.

St Helens Street Pastors have been patrolling the town centre on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month since December 23rd 2016. They generally operate between 10:45pm and 3.30am and provide assistance to anyone that may need help getting home or someone to talk to.

Three months in and the project is looking for new volunteers to join the 10 current pastors and 3 recuits currently in training.

Their vision is to be be present on the streets every Friday and Saturday night in the town centre, offering practical help to the community. In order to achieve this year round, approximately 40 volunteers would be needed.

Volunteer Street Pastors are asked to commit to one night a month to offer support to people in a vulnerable state. The team provide a number of small, practical aides such as handing out flip flops to people struggling to walk in heels, space blankets to keep people warm and water, biscuits and sweets. The Pastors also provide a friendly face and a listening ear to anyone that wants to be heard and clean bottles and cans off the street.

Street Pastors are part of a national team operating since 2003 and the initiative continues to grow throughout the UK and across the world. Street Pastors are an initiative of the Ascension Trust although each project is an independent charity in their own right.

The Ascension Trust licenses each project and provides expertise to help the projects to run smoothly.

St Helens Street Pastors are seeking Christians from all walks of life to come forward and find out more about joining the team. They require Street Pastors to be over 18 and have a good relationship with their church leader.

For more information contact Debbie Williams on 07496 033689 or email sainthelens@streetpastors.org.uk, visit http://streetpastors.org/locations/sthelens/