Liverpool City Region Global Partners Summit

13 Feb 2017


Global Partners Summit: Titanic Hotel, Liverpool: 8.30am-11.00am Thursday 2nd March 2017

Liverpool is a global brand. Our City Region led the world in international trade and investment for over a century. Our economy was built upon it.

We who live and work here and who are passionate about this great City Region of ours, believe it is now time for us to work together to realise the enormous economic potential we have here. To let the world know what we have and how to take advantage of it: clearly, simply, loudly, as one.

Some great work has and is being done to promote the City Region, but public resources are finite. Yet we have a great wealth of resource in business and other organisations based here in the City Region, who operate nationally and globally, either directly or indirectly, and we have a diaspora around the world that we are not fully utilising to this end.

Liverpool Local Enterprise Partnership plans to unify that resource, those individuals and organisations, as Global Partners, working together, spreading these clear, simple, compelling messages about our City Region around the world as they go about their business, collaborating to increase trade opportunities and partnerships.

They want you to become a Global Partner with us and get the Liverpool brand and what the City Region stands for and can deliver known around the globe.

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