Leading UK manufacturer of composite insulated panels appoints a new Sales Manager

26 Mar 2020


Hemsec is one of the country’s largest and leading manufacturers of composite insulated panels; building one of the UK’s first insulated cabinets in 1928 . As the new decade gets under way, the Merseyside based family-owned business has demonstrated its appetite for further growth with the appointment of a new Sales Manager: Sarah Gazzola.

Sarah is experienced in helping businesses to explore new markets and build customer relationships. Her new role at Hemsec has a similar objective: to ensure that the company continues to meet the evolving needs of customers and prospective customers.

The job involves working alongside Hemsec’s team of Account Managers, reviewing business processes to ensure they are customer-friendly, as well as engaging with trade associations and partners to drive business growth.

Sarah, originally from Liverpool, explained why she was attracted to the position: “I really enjoy customer facing roles, learning about different types of businesses and finding out how they use our products and services. Many of our customers have worked with us for several years and it is my responsibility to listen, learn and respond to their changing requirements.

“Becoming Hemsec’s new Sales Manager is therefore a great opportunity for me,” enthused Sarah.

“The team here has been so welcoming and I love the culture and ethos of the company. It’s an exciting time for the business. I will be meeting with customers and prospective customers, attending networking events and developing our strategy for growth. There are a number of new markets that we are exploring and lots of potential to develop new products and services.”

Sarah was also attracted to Hemsec because of its environmental responsibility, and said: “What has particularly impressed me is that the company is not just about profit; we understand the importance of innovation in construction and manufacturing and are actively developing sustainable solutions that benefit not only our clients – but our planet too.”

Outside of work, Sarah has a one-year old daughter and enjoys spending her leisure time with family and friends at home on the Wirral.

Sarah Gazzola can be contacted on 0151 432 7557 or email sarah.gazzola@hemsec.com

For more information and latest news please contact the company through hemsec.com