LCR Careers Hub, Give an Hour Volunteers – School Staff Industry Placements

12 Feb 2020


Can you help?
Would you be able to host a member of staff from The Prescot School for a 2 hour visit on Wednesday 6th May, 3pm – 5pm.

The aim of this initiative is to help inform teachers and support staff about the workplace outside of school. What roles exist in the employment market and what skills are you looking for in potential employees?

What do we need you to do?
• Show the visiting member of school staff around your workplace.
• Discuss with them the work you do and how, if appropriate, your business connects to other business and your market.
• Discuss the structure of your organisation, the type of employees you have (their qualifications, their skills and attributes) and how your recruitment process works.

How might this benefit you?
• An opportunity to raise awareness of your business or industry sector.
• Sharing information about what you need to grow your workforce.
• Ensure that young people with the qualifications you need know about your company.
• Opportunities to forge better links with the community and meet your corporate social responsibilities.

What do you need to do next?
Please contact or by Friday 28th February with the name and contact details for the person who will be the main contact within your organisation.