Kickstarters at Sood Marketing thrive in their placements and become full time employees

27 Sep 2021

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Sood Marketing, a full 360 marketing agency, has hired two candidates from the Government’s Kickstart scheme into full-time roles. Both candidates, who have thrived at the business, assisting with their bespoke services (including web development, SEO and social media management) have transitioned into full-time employees. They will be completing an Apprenticeship alongside their employment.

Hannah and Jamie both took to their marketing roles quickly and became highly valued members of the Sood Marketing team.

Hannah commented: “When I started the Kickstart placement, I was a Marketing Assistant. My role was focussed on social media and running accounts for Sood Marketing.

“After a few weeks in the business, I expressed an interest in web design and web development and Paalan allowed me to pursue this interest. I really enjoyed it and so my role has changed now, and I have more of a focus in this area.”

Jamie added: “I also started as a Marketing Assistant with a focus on social media, but over the course of my time here I realised I enjoyed copywriting.

“I loved writing press releases and back-end content for websites, so my role has changed to involve more copywriting work which is great.”

The Kickstart Scheme allows businesses to hire unemployed young people aged 16-24 on 6-month placements. The Government covers the costs of wages, national insurance contributions and more, for up to 25 hours per week – and employers gain a £1,500 grant for onboarding costs.

The scheme has given countless young people the chance to gain valuable work experience, while giving businesses like Sood Marketing the chance to hire talented young people without financial risk during these difficult times.

Jamie commented: “My Kickstart placement allowed me to try lots of different things in my Marketing role. I could work across the business and experience different things. The variety in the role has been really useful for me to find where my talents lie.”

Hannah added: “Kickstart allowed me to try out different tasks, and different areas of marketing to see what I liked best, so I could see which area suited me. I don’t think I would have been able to get this type of experience without the Kickstart scheme.”

Paalan Sood, Founder of Sood Marketing, utilised the Kickstart scheme to give talented local young people a chance to gain some work experience, and to obtain support for his growing business.

Paalan explained: “I took on a Kickstarter because it’s such a good scheme to find staff, the 6-month placement is a great way to recruit, it allows you to test without the fear of losing out. We potentially wouldn’t have met Hannah and Jamie if it wasn’t for the scheme, and we wouldn’t have been able to offer them Apprenticeships.”

“When they settled into their roles and were able to do more client work it gave me a bit more confidence that after the 6 months we could take them on. For small businesses, it’s a no-brainer, you can grow the business and potentially find a fantastic full-time employee.”

“Kickstart has allowed us to enhance our workforce and the offering to our clients, without a large financial risk. It’s a fantastic opportunity and it’s really benefited our business.”

Both Hannah and Jamie highly recommend other young people to take advantage of the Kickstart vacancies on offer with local businesses, as they have now both impressed employer Paalan so much that they have been employed as full-time Apprentices.

Hannah explained: “I would definitely recommend Kickstart, particularly if you don’t quite know what you want to do in your career. It gives you the chance to experience life in a business and test out your skills to see what you like and what you’re good at. You might find something you never even considered!”

Jamie added: “It was a great starting point in figuring out what you want to do. It’s been really beneficial to me, and now that I’ve completed the programme I’m moving into an Apprenticeship to continue learning and developing in my role.”

At the end of the 6-month placement, even if candidates aren’t kept on by their employers they leave with 6 months of valuable experience and a reference to take to prospective employers.

Paalan commented: “From an employer perspective, I think any young people who are eligible should apply for Kickstart placements. Even if they don’t get employment at the end of it, having 6 months experience relevant to what you want to do is invaluable.”

“They will also get a reference and can talk about the skills they gained to future employers – university or college doesn’t really prepare you for the workplace, so candidates with workplace experience will really stand out to employers.”

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