Kickstart your career this August with St Helens Chamber’s Apprenticeship Training

22 Jul 2021


Getting your GCSE results and looking for your next step? Not sure College or University is right for you?

Make sure you have all the information you need as Rebecca Hitchen, Young Peoples Development Team Leader at St Helens Chamber, answers some of the most common Apprenticeship questions.

Question 1: What is an Apprenticeship?

Rebecca: “An Apprenticeship is a real job, and Apprentices will have a contract like any other employee with the same protections and benefits. They will get holidays, sick leave, and have all the same rights as any other employee – they will always have an employment contract too.

“The difference between an Apprentice and a normal employee, is that they will be working towards nationally recognised qualifications while they develop skills in their day to day roles. They will often shadow experienced members of staff to learn the ropes while they learn the theory behind their jobs through their qualifications.”

Question 2: Who are Apprenticeships for?

Rebecca: “Apprenticeships are available to anyone at any stage in their career, and are ideal for young people who don’t enjoy being stuck in a classroom, and those who learn by “doing” – doing an Apprenticeship isn’t a backup option, and employers actually favour candidates with real experience over those with only qualifications.”

Question 3: How much do Apprentices earn?

Rebecca: “This can vary depending on your age, or location of the Apprenticeship but generally Apprentices earn between £150 and £350 per week.

“With an Apprenticeship you earn while you learn, so Apprentices will usually earn more throughout their careers as a whole, and benefit from increased progression opportunities.”

Question 4: Why should I choose an Apprenticeship over University or College?

Rebecca: “An Apprenticeship can give you the edge in a competitive job market. By having both the experience and qualifications employers are looking for, your future applications will stand out much more than if you just have a degree.

“When you complete an Apprenticeship, you can show employers that you have knowledge of the theory behind your role and you’ll have real life examples to share with potential employers.”

Question 5: What can I do an Apprenticeship in?

Rebecca: “Here at the Chamber we have a large selection of Apprenticeship training courses available, so there’s something to suit every career path!

“Just some of the areas we deliver Apprenticeships in are AAT Accounting, Adult Care, Business Admin, Childcare, Teaching Assistant, Warehousing, Hairdressing and Construction. There are plenty more courses available so please do check out our website for more information.”

If you’d like to find out more about Apprenticeships, come along to one of our Open Events running in August:


Call on 01744 742045 or email for more information.