Jenna gains promotion following completion of Marketing Diploma

02 Jan 2019

Business School Featured

As an Engagement and Communications Project Assistant for the St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Jenna was looking to back up her Marketing experience with a qualification, so she could progress in her career.

As previous Enterprise Greenhouse Tenants and Members of the Chamber of many years, the CCG wanted to make best use of their membership by exploring the training on offer.

Jenna commented: “My line manager suggested I started on the Level 3 Diploma in Marketing to build up my skills within that area.

“Prior to starting my role I didn’t have any formal qualifications in marketing, so I was keen to develop new skills and receive a qualification to evidence what I was able to do.”

The Level 3 Diploma in Marketing lasts 12-18 months and is delivered in the workplace, complemented by a range of seminars in key business topics.

As an Apprentice Jenna had access to free seminars from the Chamber’s Seminars and Events programme on Digital Marketing and Social Media, which she took full advantage of.

Jenna added: “The Facebook Advertising Seminar was really good. Although I had used Facebook Ads I had never set one up myself. Following on from the seminar I created an ad and am now comfortable setting them up and following the steps.

“I went on three other seminars including; Marketing on a Shoestring, Online Marketing for Beginners and A Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing, they were really relevant to what I am doing now and I am glad that I went on them.”

Throughout the course Jenna worked towards coursework, using examples from projects she was working on in the workplace to support her learning and development.

“Throughout the course the most beneficial thing has been the assignments, because I was able to link them to the work I am doing now.

“I have really enjoyed the course and found it interesting. I lead on a lot of projects and was able to develop and use this as evidence throughout the course, which has been really good.

“Working full time and learning has been a commitment and whilst I wouldn’t say it’s been really easy, it’s something I’m glad I’ve done. I’ve learnt things I wouldn’t know otherwise, like the background of marketing.”

Following on from the course Jenna received a promotion at work, moving up a band higher following the recognition of her new qualifications.

Jenna added: “I’m looking into other courses, which has led to other things. Something I’ve always said is I want to carry on learning, because I don’t think you ever finish learning.

“Dave my tutor has been really good throughout the course, and has made sure to contact me every couple of weeks. Although he is not visible every day, he is there by other means – over the telephone and email. I think it’s really good that even though I am working full time I can still access the support – You don’t have to be in a classroom environment.

“All the staff at the Chamber are approachable, friendly and want to help. Staff and seminar deliverers are willing to give you their contact details so you can get in touch if you have any questions. It’s a supportive place to learn and I’d recommend it to anyone!

“Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the CCG for funding my training, and also a big thank you to all the staff at the Chamber and Dave – If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I’d have been able to do it.

“Anyone who wants to do Marketing should come along and enquire even if it’s just for an informal chat about what’s on offer.”

For more information about Business Training contact our Workforce Development Team on 01744 742333 or email