Jamie-Leigh is a cut above the rest!

07 Mar 2017

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Trainee Stylist Jamie-Leigh Waterworth is making waves at TLC Hair and Beauty in St Helens, having joined the team as a St Helens Chamber Apprentice in October.

After completing a Health and Social Care qualification at college, Jamie-Leigh decided to follow her passion for hairdressing and enrolled at the Chamber Hair Academy to begin her training.

While carrying out her Traineeship at the Chamber’s dedicated training salon, Jamie-Leigh was job-matched with TLC and completed a four-week placement before being offered the position.

Tina Boyle at TLC Hair and Beauty, said: “Jamie-Leigh really stood out during her interview with us. Having completed her college course she was certain that hairdressing was the career path she wanted to take. It was very positive for us to see how committed she was.”

As part of her training Jamie-Leigh completes one day a week in the brand new Chamber Hair Academy, and four days a week on her Apprenticeship placement at TLC Hair and Beauty.

Tina added: “The benefits of having Jamie-Leigh in here training are huge. She’s learning about the workings of a salon which she wouldn’t get if she had come from a classroom. She’s learning really fast as she’s in here dealing with customers every day.”

Jamie-Leigh is settling in well into the salon and is relishing the opportunity to earn while she learns.

She commented: “The best part about doing an Apprenticeship is that I get to learn on the job and get stuck in, rather than just watching someone demonstrate things to me. I love being able to practice blow-dries and foils and getting to interact with customers.

“I’ve made lots of friends through the Chamber Hair Academy and everyone here at TLC has been really welcoming. I feel very comfortable here.”

Tina added: “Jamie-Leigh impresses us every day with her passion and drive and she has stuck it out, whereas previous Apprentices have found the pace of salon life too hard.

“She’s a real help for us as an extra pair of hands, she’s very hardworking and efficient at making sure we’re all set up for the day and she’s very willing to learn which gives all the staff an extra boost too.

“Taking on an Apprentice through the Chamber has been very positive for us, I would highly recommend it. The Chamber’s approach is so flexible to the needs of our business where as other Apprenticeship providers have been less so in the past.”

For more information on the Chamber Hair Academy and the recruitment and training opportunities available, please call 01744 698800 or visit http://www.sthelenschamber.com/hairacademy