Introducing Chamber Mediation

01 May 2018


In conjunction with Mediatelegal, we are pleased to be able to offer a new benefit to Chamber Members – Chamber Mediation – giving Members access to discounted mediation fees for civil, commercial and workplace disputes.

Founded in 2013, Mediatelegal is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and the Ministry of Justice and its mediators bring a wealth of experience.

Joseph Mulrooney, founder of Mediatelegal, explains: “Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. The courts are keen for people to try to resolve disputes without going to court or tribunal.

“Our role as mediators is completely impartial – we don’t work for one party over another, we don’t favour anyone or give advice. This allows parties to create their own bespoke solutions to disputes rather than the courts deciding for them.”

Mediation usually lasts for no more than one day and can be arranged within 24 hours, making it significantly less expensive and time consuming than formal legal proceedings.

Joe adds: “I think Mediation is an excellent service for Chamber Members as it offers a quicker, cheaper and a more efficient way of resolving disputes. The discount for Chamber Members makes the cost savings really substantial too.

“It gives Members a chance to protect their reputation by resolving disputes confi dentially, whilst saving money and having the flexibility to negotiate terms.”

For more information about Chamber Mediation or to access the services visit the Chamber Mediation webpage, call 01744 742025 or email

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