Interview: How do Apprentices feel about remote learning and COVID-19?

27 Apr 2020


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During this pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt to a lot of sudden changes. This has been a particularly worrying time for Apprentices, many of whom faced uncertainty when lockdown was announced.

While our training team have been working hard to implement remote learning so Apprentices can continue their qualifications and still achieve in the face of adversity; the young people we work with have been rising to the challenge and have shown that they, as the workforce of the future, are adaptable and more than willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

We checked in with Apprentices Natasha Smith, Susie Leca, Alf Berrington, Megan Tinsley, Natalie Davis and Wendy Atkinson to see how they are coping with the changes brought about by COVID-19 and get their take on remote learning.

Q. What does continuing with your qualification mean to you at this challenging time?

NS: Continuing with my qualifications means a lot as I can continue to do my work and I have more time to get more done; also I can put more focus and effort into my work.

ND: Continuing with my qualification means that I can still access help with my personal development and can continue working on my qualification. It helps keep my mind off things and also gives me a reason to get up on my days off to focus my mind on training.

WA: Continuing with my qualification helps me keep focused on my learning and self-improvement.

Q. How has digital learning enhanced your experience?

WA: This has really helped me with my technology skills, as I have never really used face to face technology before so it’s helped me learn more about how to use video calling and how this works in the workplace.

MT: Working digitally has been easy as my tutor is only a phone call, email or text message away. It has made learning easier as everything is handy and more accessible when working from home.

NS: I have learned how to manage my work and free time more by working digitally. I already knew about emailing and keeping in touch with tutors and work staff but I have enjoyed doing work at home more than I did before.

Q. Why is it important to you to be learning during Covid-19?

AB: Working on my subject through the current situation has helped me to focus on each unit as I have had more research time whilst not in work. It has encouraged me to keep mentally focused on my role and what this Apprenticeship can do for me. I feel confident that after completion I will achieve a pass in my chosen subject which will encourage me progress to a more senior role.

NS: It gives me something to do whilst at home and also gives me a better chance to get work done as I have lots of free time to work on assignments. I don’t feel down or sad, and as I’m spending more time with family my mental health has improved. It’s given me more confidence to complete my qualification.

SL: By carrying on learning during this chaos has given me objectives and goals to complete which has helped keep me grounded and has been helping my mental health; by having a bit more time it has given me a chance to progress towards achieving my qualification.

Q. How does this inspire others around you?

SL: It has helped keep everyone around me grounded and calm, I have been able to provide important information that I have learned which has impressed my seniors and team members. By having a positive attitude, I can support the residents I care for and my colleagues.

AB: My work colleagues have all been very supportive with enthusiastic comments. This has been a great driver to help me focus on my End Point Assessment and attain this qualification.

NS: My family are proud that I am helping the children of key workers and are happy that I am still working from home towards my qualification. The fact I am working from home is motivating my sister to do her assignments too.

Remote training from St Helens Chamber

St Helens Chamber are extremely proud of the way all of our Apprentices have adapted to these change, and their positive attitude in a difficult time shows just how much employers will need these talented young people once any restrictions are lifted.

We are continuing to offer training remotely, including pre-apprenticeship training for young people who would like to get a head start on their careers during the pandemic. St Helens Chamber are also recruiting for our three Study Programmes starting September, so there are lots of exciting opportunities for ambitious young people to start building their futures.

To book a phone appointment for an informal chat with our Apprenticeships team, call on 01744 742045 or email