Inovus Medical Appointed as Official Simulation Partners by Global Community of Hysteroscopy

04 May 2023


Barcelona, Spain – Inovus Medical has announced that it has been appointed as the official simulation partner to the Global Community of Hysteroscopy (GCH). The partnership was announced on stage at the opening address of the 2023 GCH congress by GCH Founder and Chair Dr Sergio Haimovich and Inovus Medical’s CEO, Dr Elliot Street. This partnership recognizes Inovus’s portfolio of hysteroscopy simulators and TOTUM digital surgery platform as the official simulators of the GCH.

The partnership will enable Inovus to work closely with the GCH to advance hysteroscopy simulation training and provide cutting-edge training technology to hysteroscopists across the globe. As part of the agreement, a research partnership will be established, which will commence with a multi-centre prospective validation study led by GCH faculty. The aim of this study is to validate the HystAR simulators and TOTUM digital surgery platform for delivery of remote hysteroscopy skills training and certification.

The partnership will see Inovus’ range of hysteroscopy simulators placed at the forefront of GCH sanctioned training events across the globe with the simulators playing a major part in the hands-on skills training workshops at the annual GCH congress. The partnership announcement will also result in improved access to Inovus’ portfolio of simulators for GCH members.

Dr Elliot Street, CEO of Inovus, commented on the announcement, “We are thrilled to be appointed as the official simulation partner for the Global Community of Hysteroscopy. The Society have fast become the pre-eminent voice of hysteroscopy across the globe. This announcement is another step forward for Inovus on our mission of becoming the world’s partner for surgical training and we are excited to partner with the GCH to advance standards in hysteroscopy training through simulation.” 

The Global Community of Hysteroscopy (GCH) is the premier global society focused on hysteroscopy. GCH aims to promote the practice, teaching and research of hysteroscopy to improve women’s health worldwide. The partnership with the GCH is a major honour for Inovus Medical, as it recognizes the company’s commitment to advancing surgical training and the impact its portfolio of hysteroscopy simulators and digital surgery platform can have on hysteroscopy skills development.

Dr Sergio Haimovich, Founder and Chair of GCH, commented, “GCH is committed to Continuous Medical Education (CME) globally, and we believe that with the help of Inovus’ simulators we will be able to improve our CME programs, with special emphasis in developing countries, helping to enhance the level of intrauterine surgery and hysteroscopy”. 

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