IDT Support is helping young musicians during COVID-19

17 Dec 2020


IDT Support has been proud to help charitable causes over the years and most recently supporting Nordoff Robbins who are dedicated to bringing high quality music therapy to as many people as possible.

Music can be made and enjoyed by anyone. During COVID-19, the connectivity that music brings is more important than ever. Whether it’s listening, creating or performing, the shared experience of music will help bring people together in the face of uncertainty. IDT is supporting Nordoff Robins by helping young aspiring musicians gain access through their IT equipment and resources.

Colin Hepplestone, Managing Director said: “IDT have been proud to help support charitable causes over the years and most recently Nordoff Robbins helping young aspiring musicians gain access through our equipment and resource.

During these challenging times, it’s good to see worthwhile causes and businesses coming together to make a change. IDT will continue to engage in areas that make a difference to people’s lives and use our expertise to support charitable causes and look forward to 2021 being a better year for everyone.”

Louise Gregg, Facilitative Music Therapist, Nordoff Robbins has piloted the trial and has been so pleased with the support, Louise said: “Working together with BandLab, an online creative music making platform, Nordoff Robbins developed a pilot project that included a music therapist using BandLab to run online song writing and music technology sessions as a way to support young people who are struggling at this time. Through developing a relationship with Barnardo’s, a group of young carers based in Liverpool were identified to take part in the project, however due to the ‘digital divide’ experienced by these young people, they required technology in order to engage with the project.

“Through the kind loan of laptops from IDT, these young people have been able to engage with the project and work together with a music therapist to express themselves through writing music, while also learning a new skill. The project is still underway, and we hope to have some more feedback about the young people’s experience as the project draws to a close”

Ream Demnati, Marketing Communications Director who was instrumental in overseeing the project commented: “Over the last few months, we have seen first-hand the impact of mental health on so many individuals especially the youth of today, struggling to cope with COVID-19 on top of what is an already challenging situation.

“Music has been a wonderful therapy for so many people, which is why it is important for companies to participate and help our communities. The small contributions of laptops and set up is only the beginning, IDT Support hope to work together with other companies who may be able to provide laptops and other devices to help support charities such as Nordoff Robbins and Baranados with any future plans in 2021.

“I would personally like to thank both Sandy Trappitt and Louise Gregg from Nordoff Robbins for both their hard work and in bringing this to light with the support of Barnardos.”

If you would like to know how you can help contribute towards this project please contact or call 07825 880 267.