How to network successfully

14 Sep 2017

Business Startup

Networking and speaking to new people in a business environment can be daunting, especially if you don’t have much experience. However, getting to know people and promoting your business face to face could win you new customers and raise your profile.

Start Up adviser, Stella Libertini gives her tops tips on networking successfully:

Push yourself and commit

The hardest thing about  networking can be getting out there. Make sure to schedule events on your calendar so you’ll go even when you don’t feel like it. You could also try taking a networking ‘wingman/wingwoman’ and together you can naturally draw others into your conversation and give each support.

Have two key questions ready

Instead of looking at networking as an open-ended exercise, choose one or two questions you’re genuinely interested in asking people when you meet them. If you make the questions count and make them meaningful, for example ‘What inspired you to start your business?’ or ‘What impact do you hope to make in the industry?’, you are more likely to create connections with people whose answers inspire you.

Focus on giving not getting

The best way to network is to give before you get. It’s good practice in life and generally everything you give you get back tenfold. This is a great way to network because you don’t have to be nervous about “the get” or asking for a favor. You’re simply offering your help which will almost always be embraced with open arms, just don’t offer too much.

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