Hospitality Career Guide

28 Nov 2018


Hospitality Industry Career Path

The hospitality industry is a fast-paced, sociable working environment and if you’re looking for a challenging role then this could be the perfect career for you.

Hospitality ranges from hotels to bars and nightclubs and has roles in everything from receptionist to event co-ordinator; so if you don’t fancy a traditional 9-5 job then this industry is perfect! The industry is always “on” and the customer is truly at the centre of any jobs in hospitality, ensuring they have the best possible experience.

What you’ll need to succeed in a Hospitality career

While most hospitality jobs don’t require qualifications in a specific area. The below attributes would help you succeed in the industry:

  • High level of Customer Service Customers can make or break a Hospitality business and front facing staff are responsible for ensuring the customer has the best experience; you’ll need to be prepared to deal efficiently with problems and complaints too and give the best possible service at all times.
  • Quick thinking and adaptable – Issues can arise unexpectedly in the Hospitality industry and you’ll have to be quick to think of innovative solutions to problems, you’ll also need to be adaptable as one day you may be working one role and the next you may need to help out your colleagues in another area; flexibility is key!
  • Good Communication Skills ­­– You’ll be dealing with people from all walks of life, so you’ll need to be confident in adapting your communication style to suit each customer. You’ll also be working closely with colleagues to deliver a seamless service in whichever Hospitality job you’re in; so clear communication is a must.
  • The ability to multitask – You might be dealing with one customer enquiry and another customer needs your help, so does your colleague… Hospitality workers must be able to juggle multiple tasks at once and complete them to the best of their ability. Hospitality never stops moving, and neither do Hospitality workers!

What to expect

With a career in hospitality, you should expect the unexpected. In a hotel for example, one day you could be assisting a family of four on their annual trip and the next a conference with over 100 professional delegates; this is really exciting if you love to meet new people and get exposure to people from all walks of life.

You should expect to be on your feet or on the move most of the time and to multi-task, keeping up with multiple demands from customers and colleagues. You will also be required to take on responsibility early and hit the ground running, with companies relying on you and your colleagues to ensure everything is ticking over and that, most importantly, the customer is happy.

One day will probably not be the same as the next and to succeed in hospitality you have to be happy to adapt. You’ll meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds, so there won’t be a set script to follow in your interactions; if you can think on your feet and relate to many different people, then you’ll thrive in the hospitality sector.

Possible career options

No matter what branch of hospitality you start in, the options are endless. You could stay with one employer and move around different roles in the company, or you could move companies and experience your role in a completely different setting; the choice is yours!

The skills gained in Hospitality work are highly sought after and easily transferable, so if you want a change in the future or you want to develop your skills then your options are open. Your skills could include administration, customer service, management, delegation and problem solving (to name a few) and these skills can be transferred to most fields of work.

Overall, a career in the Hospitality industry is a rewarding and exciting one. If you’re prepared to work hard, adapt and always put the customer first you’re already on your way to succeeding! A Hospitality Career can open lots of doors for you, which is an exciting prospect to any job seekers.

Starting Point offer free short courses in Customer Service, enabling you to demonstrate to potential employers that you can give great service to customers; these courses are a great addition to your CV and are sure to impress any hospitality employer.

Our Career Coaches can work with you to get you the skills and experience you need to kickstart your Hospitality career, simply call us on 01744 698800 or email