Guide to Seasonal Work

03 Dec 2018


Seasonal Work can be a great way to enhance your CV

This time of year is peak time for finding seasonal work; whether you just want some extra cash for Christmas or are looking to add some great experience to your CV, seasonal work is perfect for boosting your employability.

You might think that seasonal work is just for students, but this type of employment can open doors for anyone willing to work hard and be flexible. A seasonal role could lead on to a full time, permanent position if you show off your skills to the best of your ability.

If you’re looking for work, a seasonal role can provide a much needed income stream while you search for your dream role (we can help with that, visit Starting Point for more info!). Alternatively, if you’re not sure whether an industry is for you, then you can give it a test with no commitment while getting some valuable experience.

If you’re thinking about applying for seasonal roles, here’s our tips on how to get the most out of this important role.

Go the extra mile

Nothing will impress an employer more than a seasonal worker who gets stuck in from the word go, so try and make yourself indispensable. If you’re working in retail, asking for overtime or seeing how you can help existing colleagues is always well received and hiring managers will not want to let you go when your contract ends.

Show the employer your work ethic, ensure you’re punctual and go the extra mile with any tasks you’re given and you’ll have much more of a chance of securing some permanent employment at the end of the contract; if that’s not what you’re looking for, you’ll have valuable industry connections at the end of it and a good reference for future employers, so it’s really win-win!


Listen carefully during any induction training and take in everything that the employer is expecting of you. Taking time to get to know the company’s ethos and how they want to be seen by customers is a great way of showing you care about your work and gives you an opportunity to impress when your work matches their ethos.

Make connections

In the break room, on the floor, in the office; wherever you work be polite and courteous and speak to your colleagues and managers. Tell them about your career aspirations and let them know that you’d love to stay on (if that’s the case). There are often people from all walks of life coming into seasonal roles so talk to them about their experience, you never know what doors they could open for you.

Take Opportunities

Seasonal roles are a great way to get exposure to lots of different departments/skills in a short amount of time. One day you could be covering reception and the next waiting on diners, for example; so being open to changes and taking any training or opportunity given to you is a great way to fill up your CV with some amazing skills.

Keep in touch

If by the end of your contract there are no available roles within the company, don’t give up! Keep in touch with the hiring manager, or whoever you reported to and keep yourself fresh in their mind; then you’ll be top of the list when they do recruit.

Keeping in touch can be anything from visiting the place of work (organise this with your boss if you can, they won’t appreciate an impromptu visit if they’re busy) and reminding them you’re still interested or dropping the occasional email checking in with management – don’t go too far though, once every couple of months is fine.

A seasonal role can be the perfect way to boost your CV with valuable skills while providing some extra income over the festive season. If you’d like any help looking for roles or deciding which career path is for you, contact Starting Point on 01744 698800.