Guide to completing application forms

30 Mar 2017


A large number of companies use application forms in order to select suitable people to be interviewed for a job.  Application forms are designed to make sure applicants are supplying the same type of information, making it easier to compare and contrast applicants.

Forms may vary between companies but these top tips will give you some insight into how you can go about completing them:

  • Make sure you read ALL of the information
  • Photocopy the application form before you write anything on it (you can do this free at Starting Point!!)
  • Complete the photocopy first and only copy information across once you are happy with it
  • Check the closing date, make sure you post it in plenty of time
  • Make sure you read instructions carefully. If you are asked to fill out in block capitals make sure you do this!
  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Check spellings and punctuation.
  • Don’t leave any questions blank. For example, if there is a question that asks ‘do you belong to any professional bodies’ write ‘No present membership’ or N/A (not applicable).

Applications will generally have three sections, biographical information, specific questions and supporting information.

The biographical information is the facts section of the application, this is where you include your contact details, education and work experience.

The specific questions section also known as ‘competencies’ look for information about your skills. Try not to generalise your answers, here employers are looking for specific examples of times you have used these skills.

Lastly, the most important part of any application is the supporting information. It is important that you review the job descriptions and specifications in order to promote yourself.

Application Checklist:

  1. Have you checked for spelling and grammar?
  2. Have you completed all sections of the application form?
  3. Is all the information you have included true and accurate?
  4. Is the information well-presented and easy to read?
  5. Have you demonstrated your experience and the skills you can offer?
  6. Have you included a covering letter if appropriate?
  7. Does the employer know how to contact you?
  8. Have you taken a copy of the application and recorded when and where you sent it?


Make sure you keep a copy of your completed application form- you will need to read through this again when you are invited back for an interview.

For one to one support, contact Starting Point on 01744 698800 to arrange an appointment with one of our advisers.