Give an hour to inspire the next generation

02 Nov 2020


Most of us can identify at least one person who has been influential in our life. Someone who helped shape who we are today personally, professionally or even both.
They generously shared their time to help nurture our potential and help us grow. These mentors were often unofficial but in some cases their role was part of a more structured programme.
Today, mentoring can take many shapes and is a popular career development tool used in schools. Research suggests that if young people have four or more engagements with employers, they are 86% more likely to go into further education, employment or training.
Making the transition from school to the workplace is arguably tougher than it has ever been. By giving an hour to share your career journey and insights with young people in schools, your unique industry knowledge and experience could make a difference to the options a young person considers for their careers.
It might feel too short to have a real impact, but we know from experience that an hour can create new perspectives and inspire new ideas.
• In an hour you could make a difference to the choices a young person makes about their future.
• In an hour you could change the course of a young person’s life just by sharing your story or helping them understand more about the world of work.
Giving an hour is a great way to give something back to your community. By becoming involved, you can shape the future leaders and you may also find new recruits for your business.
Give an hour and join us for our Virtual School Industry Days to inspire the next generation and provide young people with the opportunity to hear insights from employers.
For more information on how you can get involved call 01744 742028 or email