Getting the most from ‘Meet the Buyer’ events

21 Dec 2017


Meet the Buyer events can bring you an exceptional business growth opportunity but only if you know how to truly use the event.

St Helens Chamber is hosting a number of ‘Meet the Buyer’ events in 2018, with a Torus: Sub-contracting and supply chain opportunities event on the 24th January and a Selling into the NHS event on the 9th February.

Malcom Gallagher, FCIM from Biz Vision Ltd, commented: “Getting the most from a Meet the Buyer event means knowing how it all works, what you need in advance and how to follow-through to win the business”

In this short webinar business expert Malcom Gallagher talks about how to make sure you get the most from attending these events.

Malcom will be delivering a seminar at St Helens Chamber on the 2nd February from 9:30am – 1:00pm to teach you how to get the most from our meet the buyer events. For more information visit, call 01733 742333 or email