Futureproof your Business: Preparing your business for a low carbon future

10 Nov 2021


Eco-I North West are offering a FREE virtual workshop to SMEs in the Liverpool City Region to support them to futureproof their businesses for a low carbon economy on Tuesday 7th December at 9.30am – 12:30

The workshop will inform businesses about the current climate crisis and what it means for your business, current policy changes to be aware of and how Eco-I North West can support your business wherever you are on your low carbon journey.

Following the workshop Eco-I NW will provide free support to SMEs to research and map their current carbon footprint and develop bespoke recommendations to help reduce carbon emission of the business.

John Mathias, Eco-I North West Project Manager, said “The aim of our workshop is to provide businesses with a meaningful and practical introduction to what they need to know to start their low carbon journey.”

“In working with SMEs Eco-I NW is focussed on growth which is better for business and better for the environment. We’re able to support businesses with a meaningful collaboration with the university that delivers tangible benefits both to them as a business and the environment.”

ECO-I North West is a collaborative project across six universities in the North West, part-funded by the European Development Fund, offering businesses support to develop their low carbon ideas and innovations through our world class academic expertise and cutting-edge technology. From collaborative research and development right through to delivering commercialisation strategies, Eco-I NW and LJMU can assist your business to realise the low-carbon potential in your products, processes and services.

Sign up to this FREE workshop here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/futureproof-your-business-preparing-your-business-for-a-low-carbon-future-tickets-208473127737