Funky Timber Riding High on the Crest of a Surfing Wave

31 Aug 2022


Getting your marketing message to stand out amongst the online ballyhoo of every other business clamouring for the same customers is not easy.

But get the marketing right. Back it up with a great product and great service … and you’re on to something.

Dan Slater and Lauren Waring are Founders and Directors of St. Helens business Funky Timber Ltd. Dan and Lauren have an eye for design, a love of everything timber, and a passion to create unique, attention-grabbing, timber panelling and furniture.

When they nailed the marketing, with support from the Business Growth Programme, …Well… Boom!

Because Funky Timber Ltd has just won a prestigious contract with British Surf-wear company Saltrock. A retail outlet with over 55 stores across the UK and Europe.

“Saltrock had spotted us through our Social Media” says Lauren “They liked our product, and thought it was the perfect fit for the Saltrock brand. We sent them samples, and they decided on four main colours which suited their brand.  Then, after much communication we agreed on a package that everyone was happy with. We are now supplying all the Saltrock outlets throughout the UK and Europe with our panelling, and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

The Business Growth Programme provided Funky Timber with 12 hours of fully funded marketing support.

Lauren says, “The marketing support was great. It really made us think about who we are, who our ideal customers are and how we should go about winning them. The consultant helped with branding in general, and also with wording on our website.  All in all, it’s got us going in just the right direction and as a result we’re attracting more and more enquiries.”

One such enquiry was from a new gaming bar in Manchester which was won over by Funky Timbers product range and marketing pzazz.

Lauren enthused, “We are so excited by this project. Dan and I visited the bar, expecting to be quoting on the bar furniture. They must have been impressed with us because we’re now doing a full fit out, as well as all the furniture.”



To find out more about Funky Timber Ltd visit its website

To see if your business is eligible for Business Growth Programme support visit our website here. or contact the Chamber’s Business Support team