Free Call Blocking Devices

08 Jan 2018


The Department of Culture Media & Sport have provided the NTS Scams Team with funding to tackle the issue of nuisance calls, with the current focus on protection of customers with dementia.

The initial phase of the project started in 2017, with Local Authorities being asked to identify people living in their communities with dementia that would benefit from a call blocker.

The project launched publically into phase 2 on the 6th November 2017, with free call blockers becoming available to any people living with dementia that are being hassled by scam and nuisance calls.

To be eligible for a FREE call-blocking device, YES should be the answer to the following:

  • Do you or the person you are applying for receive nuisance and scam calls?
  • Does the person who would like a call blocker have dementia?

If you have answered yes to the above, you can apply for a call-blocking device on