Fred Davies Storage Ltd feature in The Parliamentary Review

24 Oct 2019


St Helens based warehousing and distribution company, Fred Davies Storage Ltd, has recently been featured in The Parliamentary Review.

Founded in 1972, Fred Davies Storage Ltd offers extensive warehouse space to a range of businesses, distinguishing itself from its competitors through a careful focus on standards and value.

Director and General Manager, Alison Kelly, was delighted to receive a letter from Lord Pickles inviting the business to participate in this year’s Parliamentary review.

Alison said: “We wholeheartedly agreed to be featured in the prestigious publication. They wanted to know about the challenges that businesses are facing every day, and to look at ways that the Government can help.

“I wrote at length about the effect that business rates have on firms. It’s a serious issue that most businesses are affected by and it was great to have the opportunity to highlight it.”

Rising business rates and the knock-on effect of the recession have affected Fred Davies Storage Ltd in recent years. In the past, the business faced reduced business rates if their warehouses were not at capacity, but this changed in 2005. As a result, when the recession hit and the warehouses were under capacity on a more regular basis, the company had the effect compounded because of the static business rates. This proved a steep challenge for Fred Davies Storage Ltd and while they were able to remain in business, they felt this is a piece of legislation that should be revisited.

Alison explained: “We’ve been in St Helens for 47 years, but the last six years have seen substantial growth for us. We’ve invested heavily in our facility and in new technology. We’ve taken on a number of new staff, and enquiries are increasing rapidly. Business is booming at the minute, and we look forward to many more years of providing a top class services in St Helens.”

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