Four huge benefits of pursuing a Digital Marketing career

22 Jan 2019



The digital sector is booming and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Digital marketing skills are in high demand and the need for digital skills is set to increase as brands are putting more focus on Digital Marketing than ever before, in order to meet the increasing demands of E-commerce. This is a career that gives you an array of opportunities which can leave you spoiled for choice.

Still debating whether you want a career in this sector? Take a look at four huge benefits below…

Varied roles in the digital industry

There are many different type of jobs within Digital Marketing such as:

  • Analytics Manager
  • CRM and Email marketing Manager
  • Digital Agency Account Manager and Sales Director
  • Copywriter
  • Digital Marketing Manager and Web Manager
  • Ecommerce Manager
  • PPC Search Manager
  • Search Manager / SEO Manager
  • Social Media Manager or Community Manager
  • Web Developer and Web Designer

Therefore you are not limited by the jobs available to you. You can develop your skills in the different fields and become a specialist in the area(s) you are the most proficient at.  Whether you want to work for a small or large company, you can afford to get picky about the type of business you would like to work for and the roles you would want to undertake which best suit your career needs.

Great salaries

As demand for skills increases so do salaries. This is certainly the case in Digital Marketing as the demand for those candidates with excellent digital skills is on the rise; this means bigger budgets set aside for those in this sector of work and higher salaries for those with the necessary skills.  According to Indeed the average starting salary for a Marketing Apprentice is just over £17,000, as you improve your skills and become a specialist you could be earning up to over £40,000 a year! Young marketers have a great chance to improve their job security with in-demand roles and to enhance their career progression!



Digital Marketing is a very flexible industry. Most Digital Marketing jobs won’t require you to work in an office all day and will give you the option to work from home as long as you have all the necessary equipment and a good internet connection. The market is ever changing so there will be always new things to learn and new people to meet. You also don’t have to tie yourself down to a particular company, as many Digital Marketing experts are freelancers who offer their services to a variety of businesses.

No specific qualifications required

You don’t need to go to college or university and get a particular qualification in order to be considered for a job. The digital marketing world provides opportunities to demonstrate your skills and experience before you even enter a workplace i.e. through blogging, creating your own online presence etc.

You can take free online exams such as Google Digital Garage [link] and via Google Analytics from which you can gain a qualification to help to show your skills to potential employers.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

There are many different courses available for those wanting to learn the basics such as the Advanced Digital Marketing course starting for young people aged 16-19 in September at St Helens Chamber.

Throughout the seven month programme, students will get practical experience and take on digital marketing projects, as well as gaining highly sought after qualifications with relevant work experience.

At the end of the programme they will leave ready to move into the workplace and hit the ground running with a guaranteed interview for an Advanced Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with a local business.

Adam Wilcock, a current Advanced Digital Marketing student commented.

“This course has enhanced my skills and put me on the right path to gaining an Apprenticeship in this field. You get to learn about different strategies such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and PPC Advertising which sets you up for your work placement when you are using different elements of Digital Marketing on a daily basis.”

If you’d like to know more about starting a career in Digital Marketing, get in touch on 01744 742045 or email