Extended work placements wanted for ambitious and skilled study programme students

28 Sep 2021

Business Jobs/Apprenticeships

In September, St Helens Chamber launched their two study programmes for 2021, one in Accountancy and the other Digital Marketing.

These study programmes last seven months and give students the chance to earn qualifications, complete work experience, access industry talks and study trips and boost their employability skills, along with extras like driving lessons.

Not only do students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen field, but they also work with local charities to raise money by planning and running their own event.

Rebecca Hitchen, Young People’s Development Team Leader, explained: “The study programme student’s skill sets are really unique.

“They don’t just finish the course with a qualification, they get access to industry professionals and expand their horizons with enrichment activities, so their knowledge is well-rounded, meaning they can hit the ground running in the workplace.”

Alongside their learning, the students are creating a business proposal which they will be presenting to Management at St Helens Chamber, Knifesavers Founder Dr Nikhil Misra, and Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham.

Rebecca continued: “The fundraising project, combined with the other enrichment activities, means that the students have experience of the real world, and interacting with people at all levels of a business. Previous students have used their skills for a project to design a website for the combined authority – Apprenticeships Be More.

“The students on these programmes are completely different to students coming out of school or college; they can communicate confidently and know exactly how to act in the workplace as they have already experienced it. This means that they are an asset to your team from day one!”

St Helens Chamber is now seeking businesses who can provide extended work placements for the study programme students. Businesses providing placements will be supported from day one by  Chamber staff, who will ensure that both the student and employer get the most from the placement.

Rebecca added: “The students are looking for placements from November 2021 – April 2022. Placements would be three days per week, alongside their studies.

“We are encouraging anyone who would be interested to have a chat with us and come and meet the fantastic group of students we have with us.”

To find out more about offering an extended work placement to a Study Programme student, contact Jessica.green@sthelenschamber.com