Edge Hill University offers businesses the chance to work with highly skilled and talented students

15 May 2019



The Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Edge Hill University offers businesses from across the region the opportunity to connect with  highly skilled and talented students.  Edge Hill University offer a broad range of degrees that are designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to enter a broad range of industry sectors.


As an employer, there are many ways in which you can provide opportunities to inspire the next generation of employees whilst benefiting from not only up-to-date skills specific to your industry or functions, but fresh ideas, self-motivation and a high level of confidence.


Through opening your doors to  degree level student’s you can offer invaluable experiences for them to grow, learn and develop as employees of the future for your industry.  As an ambitious organisation you too can benefit through providing any of the following:

Work placements – on-site to provide real life experience and provide you with the skills and additional support to complete a project or specific task.  Minimum of 25hrs to 12 months* max.

Live project briefs – Do you have a project that you need support with to complete? Setting students a live project brief to work on helps them practice their skills and offers you the resources you need to complete your project.  This could be a marketing campaign, research project or analytical or technical task.  Worked on at the University by a small group of students

Industry presentation – Share your expertise and provide valuable insights into your sector and inspire the next generation of graduates with career tips and pathways that will help them secure that first dream role.

To find out how your business can connect with Edge Hill University (FAS) contact Alex Fruin, Business Development Coordinator

Telephone: 01695 657442
Email: fruina@edgehill.ac.uk