Does the Social Value section in that tender application leave you scratching your head?

12 Aug 2022

Startup Business Business Support

If it does, then take some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Most small businesses struggle to have Buyer convincing answers to the, “how does your business add Social Value“ question.

You can also take some comfort in the fact that the Chamber has a solution to your head scratching problem, and what’s more… that solution is fully funded.

The St Helens Chamber Better Business Scorecard, delivered by our tendering consultants Bizvision will assist you in showing measurement and continuing improvement of your Social Value and Responsibility.

These are firm requirements for any company that wishes to be a better business and wants to win tenders and contracts.

In fact up to 20% of the points awarded in a tender go to this important area.

Or put another way … Buyers view Social Responsibility as almost as important as price, and the ability to carry out the work competently and on time.

So cobbling together a few sentences on how you contribute to the local old folks Xmas outing is really not going to cut it.

By using the Better Business Scorecard you will be supported by Bizvisions’ experienced tendering consultant. He will work with you to carry out a detailed diagnostic of your business and identify areas that need improvement.

On completion of the support with Bizvision your business will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Bizvision Conscious Business Academy, which is in partnership with the CSR-A, the UK’s Social Responsibility Assessment Body.

You will also receive,

1. The video of your Zoom assessment so you can review

2. Your scorecard in excel format

3. Your certificate in both PDF and Jpeg (the latter for use on your website)

4. A summary report from Bizvision

5. Any templates you need for policies that may have been identified during the support

6. Your ‘My Tender Hub’ set of files

This is an exciting time for St Helens with many large projects already started or planned. The Council has committed to using local firms when it can.

Tendering opportunities for local businesses will materialise.

Several local Firms have already completed the Better Business Scorecard, and are now demonstrating to Buyers that they are committed to measuring and improving their Social Value and Responsibility.

Its going to be competitive. Don’t get left behind.

The Better Business Scorecard is part of St. Helens Chamber’s Business Growth Programme It provides 12 hours of fully funded support to eligible businesses.

Contact John Woods on 01744 742058 or email for more information.