Digital Marketing Study Programme Student, Zoe, reflects on her first 4 months on the programme

26 Jan 2022


St Helens Chamber offer two exciting Study Programmes designed to get students all the skills and experience they need to start an Apprenticeship in their chosen field.

Study Programmes are offered in both Accountancy and Digital Marketing, and students get a range of added benefits such as free driving lessons, study trips, fundraising opportunities and much more.

Current Digital Marketing student Zoe spoke to St Helens Chamber about her experiences on the Study Programme.

What made you start the Study Programme?

Zoe: “After completing my first year at college studying UAL extended art diploma, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to complete my second year. I attended an open evening at St Helens Chamber and met the Tutor for the Study Programme. We talked about how I wasn’t sure about college, and I wanted to look for an Apprenticeship but wasn’t sure how to do this.

“I talked about my skills, and it was recommended that I look at the Digital Marketing Study Programme. I discussed my options with my family and decided to give it a go and in September 2021 I started at The Chamber.

“When I first came to the Chamber, I was nervous, I didn’t know anyone, and I was in a new environment. I was greeted by friendly staff and other students on the course who helped me feel at ease. I met a girl on the same course as me, Digital Marketing who I became good friends with.”

Why did you choose the Study Programme?

Zoe: “I chose a Study Programme as it would give me work experience, help with my confidence, and try something new. I think being on a Study Programme is different to college as you learn whilst on the job, gain work experience and gain recognised qualifications. You are in a work environment from the start and learn what is expected in a professional environment.

“Towards my qualification I complete assignments at the end of the different units and work on related topics in the classroom towards my assignments. I find it is helpful to work on my tasks in lesson as I am more focused, and the help is there if needed.

“As well as this I have developed my CV and built my confidence, I have attended mock interviews and worked collaborative on numerous projects. During the course I have also learnt about British values, safeguarding, mental health and equality and diversity. I have formed friendships within the group and get along well with everyone.”

What do you think about the training on the Study Programme?

Zoe: “On the course we are taught in a variety of ways; quizzes, group work, PowerPoints and receive feedback and support from my tutor.

“I think group work is a good way of learning as you can bounce ideas off each other and expand on those. We are taught in different ways to make the lessons more enjoyable and to suit everyone’s learning style; visual, auditory, read/write and kinaesthetic.

“The days fly by, and I look forward to the next day.”

Tell us about your social enterprise and the charity it supports?

Zoe: “Elegant Scents is a social enterprise that is being run by the Study Programme, we are in partnership with Knife savers, St Helens Chamber and Be More Apprenticeships.

“As a group we decided we would make and sell wax melts, the goal being to help reduce stress and anxiety, help adults to relax and take care of their wellbeing. Funds raised will be donated to Knife Savers to supply knife saver packs, and training in the local community if individuals are injured by a knife or weapon of harm.

“Knife savers is a non- profit and trusted organisation trying to educate the public how to save a life with one of their kits. I think this is an important organisation to support as everyone needs to know what to do in this situation and how to keep a person alive for long enough to get them an ambulance and to the hospital.

“As Design Executive I had to design the logo which we got feedback from the group. Other tasks included explaining the meaning of our logo in relation to Knife Savers, design and order stickers for our packaging. The team has been a great help in getting our business awareness and engagement and keeping up with our orders.

“We are marketing our business on social media; Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok. I helped in designing our logo and tidying it up on photoshop and designing packaging. In our presentation I explained what the different meanings of our logo was in relation to Knife Savers.”

Which other activities have you been involved in while on the Study Programme?

Zoe: “Whilst on the Study Programme I have taken part in the Metro Mayor visit and the St Helens Chamber Business Fair. We presented our idea of Elegant Scents to the Mayor which we received a positive response. At the Business fair I helped directing people to which floor the event was on whilst also having a look and collecting gift bags from other stalls.

“At the business fair there was 52 exhibitors booked and over 200 people attended. Exhibitors included Accountants, Financial Advisors, Charities, Retailers, Recruitment agencies and more.

“Whilst at the business fair the Study Programme as well as talking to employers for Elegant Scents, spent time personally getting to know businesses; whether that be out of interest in the business or for future employment.

“We were at the business fair to promote Knife Crime awareness, build trust and connections with other businesses and get the word out. In doing this the Study Programme helped raise money towards Knife Saver packs.”

“Recently, Digital Marketing and Accountancy study programme took part in a Skills Show at Liverpool Exhibition Centre, 110 exhibitors booked. Exhibitors included Financial, Careers Advisors, Education Providers and more.

“Whilst at the skills show the study programme went around to the different stalls, interacting with them and learning about what it is they do, as well as selling our wax melts to other exhibitors there.”

How has the Study Programme helped you get ready for work so far?

Zoe: “The Study Programme has helped me prepare me for an Apprenticeship in the future, improving my CV, learn more about the programme I’m on, marketing methods and the working environment.

“Overall, since starting the course and work experience has helped improve my confidence and knowledge about the working environment, I have developed relationships with others in the group and enjoy coming into the Chamber.

“At the Chamber the staff are approachable and make you feel at ease, they support you with any issues that you have either on the course or outside the course, they will support you every step of the way.

“Being on the Study Programme has helped me understand what it feels like to be in a working environment and gain confidence, I hope I can use these skills learnt in my future careers have more confidence going into interviews in the future.”

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