Course helps Jasmine fast track to an Apprenticeship

29 Jun 2017


Jasmine Ledger initially approached St Helens Chamber, with excellent GSCE results, but an ambition to pursue an Apprenticeship. She signed up to one of the Chamber’s ‘fast track to Apprenticeship’ course and found herself starting her perfect job just a few weeks later.

Throughout the course Jasmine developed the skills and aptitudes she needed to work in a business environment.

She said: “I really enjoyed the Chamber’s programme, I learned how to work in a professional environment and we covered effective interview techniques like good body language and how to dress for an interview. I attended a ‘Meet the Employer’ event and was invited for a work trial at Just Accounts.”

After completing her work trial Jasmine was offered an Apprenticeship with the company and has been given responsibility for dealing with customer queries.

Jasmine commented: “I’m doing my Apprenticeship in Customer Support, so if the phone rings I will answer it and take messages for people. Sometimes people will have queries that I will sort over the phone and if it’s something that requires further investigation or raising with our Development Team, I will work on it.

“I am also responsible for sorting through and responding to email queries.”

Jasmine has ambitions to progress within her Apprenticeship and within JustAccounts. She said: “I would like to progress within my Apprenticeship and eventually I would like to move on to work on the Accountancy side of things.

“The Chamber has been really good, the roles that were offered to me were in the area that I wanted and I’ve got a job from it. ”

Maisie Shevlin, Customer Support Manager at JustAccounts said: “Jasmine’s Training Adviser comes in once every 3 weeks, and if she gets stuck on anything she can ask her when she comes in.

“I did an Apprenticeship myself years and years ago and I had to go to college, but I think that can throw you off. It is good that our Apprentices don’t have to go out once a week and miss the whole working day. In this kind of job, if you miss one day you lose the flow.

“We’ve had a few Apprentices from the Chamber and have got two Apprentices at the moment and we are happy with what the Chamber have done for us and with our Apprentices.”

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