Could you offer work experience to a talented Fast Track Student?

22 Jul 2022

Business Jobs/Apprenticeships

St Helens Chamber is working with over 60 students from August 2022 to July 2023 to help them to kick start their careers in a number of industries.

All learners will engage in a 13 week programme in which they will have the opportunity to work on their employability skills, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to have a successful career in their chosen field. To ensure they develop their practical skills, 7 weeks of the Fast Track programme require the young person to complete a meaningful work experience with an employer who can give them a real insight into a working environment.


The benefits of taking a young person on work experience are:

  • Added value to a young person’s CV.
  • Improve their knowledge, skills and behaviours.
  • Improve personal skills such as confidence, organisation and time management.
  • Enhance students chances of progression into apprenticeship, employment or further education.
  • Find the right student to fulfil a possible vacancy or apprenticeship opportunity
  • Extra pair of hands to support on tasks.
  • The chance to inject new energy and ideas into your business.

Work experience comes at no cost, and students will be supplied with everything they need to perform tasks within your work setting as well as bursary payments for attendance if applicable. Only students who are ready to enter the workplace will be put forward, so you know you are getting a student who can hit the ground running and start supporting you from day one.

If you are looking to recruit a young person or play a part in allowing a young person to make informed career decisions then look no further than working closely with St Helens Chamber and the Fast Track to Apprenticeship students.

The Chamber is looking for placements in a range of industries, so please get in touch for more information.

To find out more about offering a work placement for a student, contact Jessica Green on or call on 01744 742045 for a further discussion.