Could hiring a Graduate bring fresh new ideas to your business?

16 Jul 2018

Business Featured

Are you interested in recruiting some bright new talent into your business? Do you have a vacancy that could be filled by a graduate?

St Helens Chamber’s Graduate Hub is designed to give graduates a range of skills and qualifications to complement their degrees and make them more valuable to employers.

Over the course of three weeks graduates receive training in IT Skills, Online Marketing, Leadership & Management, Business Improvement Techniques, Customer Service, Communications Skills and Workplace Health & Safety.

Chamber Member’s E-Tech Components (UK) Ltd, are enjoying the benefits of the Chamber’s Graduate Programme following the addition of two new graduates to their workforce.

Paul Forester, Operations Director at E-Tech Components, said; “Having Graduates working within the business is very important and advantageous for small companies. They offer fresh and innovative ideas and put into practice their knowledge and expertise from their subject areas.

“The Chamber, as always, has been a great help throughout the process. They helped us find and speak to the right type of people for the roles we had available.

“With the Chamber handling all the recruitment side of things on our behalf this was a huge benefit to us as it allowed us to make decisions quickly knowing we had the support of the Chamber behind us.

“I would recommend to any business, especially small and medium sized enterprises, to get involved with programmes like the Graduate Hub as a great way of getting good young people in to the business.”

St Helens Chamber is currently working with four graduates with a wide range of expertise and skills who are looking for a position within a local business. Read their ‘pen pictures’ here for more information about their strengths and aptitudes.

If you have a position within your business that could be filled by a local graduate, please contact the Workforce Development Team on 01744 742333 or email