Could a graduate bring fresh ideas to your business?

21 Sep 2017

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The Graduate Hub offers graduates a 3 week training programme designed to give graduates valuable skills and qualifications to add to their CV.

Graduates cover topics like IT skills, online marketing and social media strategy techniques that could inject new skills and fresh thinking into your business, plus First Aid and Workplace Health and Safety.

Longworth Building Services were very impressed with graduate, Charlottle Brown after completing the programme and have offered her a permanent position in the business.

Claire Cahill, Officer Manager at Longworth, said: “When Charlotte first came to Longworth for her interview she came prepared with a portfolio about the business, we were very impressed that she’d obviously done her research.

“Coming from the Chamber we knew she would be well prepared, have a degree and be educated to a high level.

“I’d be lost without her, she’s done a fantastic job. From day one there was never any question as to whether we’d keep her on at the end of the six months.

“It was clear I wanted her to stay and progress, there was never a doubt in my mind or the Managing Director’s mind about offering her a permanent position.”

A 50% wage subsidy is available to businesses recruiting a graduate from our Graduate Hub, paying 50% of a national minimum wage salary for their first six months. This is a great way to assess whether the graduate fits in well with the company and can provide a route into a full time role for the graduate, whilst making recruitment for a graduate role within your business hassle free.

Our current group of graduates come have a wide range of expertise and skills. Read their ‘pen pictures’ for more information about their strengths and aptitudes Click here.

If you are interested in taking on a graduate from our Graduate Hub, call the workforce development team 01744 742333 or email