Ciaran unlocks his own success with Halton Locksmiths

25 Aug 2020


1Ciaran Jones, owner of Halton Locksmiths, is seeing great success with his business – working with both private and business properties. With services ranging from emergency entry to ongoing contracts with property management companies across the region – Halton Locksmiths provide essential services to keep people safe.

Ciaran explained:“Halton Locksmiths offer a range of services to both the public and businesses. We help people who have been locked out of their properties with emergency entry services, we also repair doors and windows when components fail.”

Halton Locksmiths ensure that properties are secure, providing their services after burglaries. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, both private customers and businesses have found their properties the target of thieves.

Ciaran commented: “It’s important to make people feel safe again after a burglary. Often people are frightened and it’s important that I can quickly make their home safe again; so we replace locks and can upgrade them to ward off potential burglars.

“A lot of offices and shops have had problems with break in’s while they have been closed unfortunately. So we make sure their premises are safe and secure.”

Halton Locksmiths are based in Runcorn, but have clients ranging from North Wales to Blackpool and provide essential services to business premises and private properties, ensuring people are safe and secure in their homes during these uncertain times.

Before setting up Halton Locksmiths, Ciaran struggled with his work life balance working as a teacher.

Ciaran explained: “I was teaching after leaving the army, but I found that I wasn’t having any work-life balance.

“After being seriously ill a few years ago, I made a promise to myself that nothing would impact my family again. Working as a teacher slowly began to take over my time so I decided that was enough.”

After deciding to make a change, Ciaran enlisted the help of St Helens Chamber’s Business Start Up team to help him set up on his own; accessing support with his business plan, finances and more through the New Enterprise Allowance.

Stella Libertini, Business Start Up Projects Co-ordinator at St Helens Chamber, commented: “It was great to work with Ciaran. He had the qualifications to be a locksmith, but needed help setting up the business so that’s where our support came in.

“It’s great to see his business so successful and we look forward to working with him to grow Halton Locksmiths.”

Ciaran added: “The support from the start up team was invaluable, they helped me with my accounting and helped me to think about things I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of on my own.

“I had one to one appointments and attended a business workshop too, the support was great and really helped me navigate those first few months – I’d definitely recommend the support to anyone thinking about starting a business.”

The New Enterprise Allowance is funded by the Department of Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

If you are unemployed and thinking of starting a business, speak to your JobCentre Plus adviser for more information about the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme.

For more information about the support available to start a business from St Helens Chamber, call 0845 340 9980 or email