Chamber leads the way in St Helens for Apprenticeships

28 Mar 2018

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Last week (22nd March), the Department for Education released the latest statistics for Apprenticeships National Achievement rates.

St Helens Chamber is 7% above the National Average with an achievement rate of 74.7% and is the leading Apprenticeship provider in St Helens.

The national average is currently at 67.7% which is up 1% from the previous academic year, showing a positive direction of travel nationally.

Kath Boullen, Chief Executive at St Helens Chamber commented:  “It is encouraging to see that nationally achievement rates for Apprenticeships are moving in the right direction and we are delighted to be exceeding both national and local averages at St Helens Chamber.

“However as an ambassador for the Apprenticeship programme and a strong believer in the value they bring to both businesses and Apprentices alike, I am concerned to see that no other college or training provider in St Helens exceeds the national average, meaning that over a third of local Apprentices are failing to achieve their Apprenticeship.

“This highlights a shortfall in the service some businesses and young people are receiving, and demonstrates the need for good research. Businesses, parents and young people should look beyond selective analysis of statistics and do their own research.

“There is plenty of information available online to help you make an informed decision based on official data, from achievement rates to ofsted reports, and even the satisfaction of past Apprentices and employers.”

The achievement rates of all training providers and colleges can be found online at

Ofsted reports and gradings can be viewed at:

You can see how satisfied previous employers and apprentices have been with their training at:

Kath Boullen adds: “The Chamber will continue to provide high quality training to over 700 Apprentices every year to ensure that Apprentices and businesses get the quality service they deserve.”

St Helens Chamber currently delivers apprenticeships in a broad range of business sectors, and is rated Good by Ofsted and Outstanding for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare.

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