Business Financial Planning

24 Apr 2019


The consequences of not having a sound financial plan in today’s business world can be severe. Fortunately help is at hand for St. Helens firms as the Chamber is now able to offer fully funded Business Financial Planning support.

The project is funded by St. Helens Council. It allows for 12 hours working on a financial project with one of the Chambers experienced advisers, at no cost to the business.

The support can take the form of either one to one meetings, or a mix of one to one’s and a half day finance seminar.

Businesses can expect to receive straightforward, uncomplicated advice which will unravel the mysteries of financial terminology, and assist with the creation of functional financial forecasts.

So why should you as business owner or manager, devote some of your valuable time to financial planning?

A good financial forecast establishes the goals and objectives that you plan to achieve over a period of time. So by default, it creates the standards by which you can measure the performance of your business.

Cash is the lifeblood of every business. A cash-flow forecast is an essential tool to plan and monitor the level of available cash, and avoid a cash flow crisis.

Potential lenders, or investors will always require information about the financial prospects of the business. A well thought out, realistic and detailed forecast can be the difference between getting an influx of cash or not.

Whether you are looking to obtain external finance or investment, or you just want to be more in control of your business finances, our Business Financial Planning support can help.

For more information about Business Financial Planning support, contact John Woods on 01744 742058 or