Business energy: Don’t get caught out by rollover rates

10 Feb 2020


As a busy business owner, you may feel there are not enough hours in the day to secure your next energy contract. You know you’ll get around to it, but when you’ll get around to it is another matter. But renewing your gas and electricity supply contracts is something you simply can’t afford to ignore. With rollover charges almost always being seriously poor value, early action is key to securing the best possible deal for your business.

Lock in early to avoid overpaying

When renewing your energy contracts, suppliers will have you believe that you don’t need to do anything until your contract is almost up, often getting in touch with you to renew around 60 days before your end date. However, you can actually lock in your rates from around 12 months before, and the longer you leave it, the more likely you’ll drop into the variable rate. Plus, due to market increases, it’s in your best interests to get a quotation early in order to secure a lower unit rate.

SMEs are missing out on price savings

The savings available when looking for a new energy contract can be substantial, so it’s essential to compare providers. While larger businesses tend to be savvy when it comes to finding price savings on their supply, many SMEs are put off from shopping around because the energy market is complex, time-consuming and at times frustrating for business owners. In fact, Ofgem report that over half of businesses have not engaged in the energy market for the past 12 months. *

Our energy experts can take the pressure off by searching the market for you. We work with the UK’s major energy suppliers – plus, because we have significant buying power, we can negotiate the best possible price. On average, we save SME clients around £500 on their renewal quotes.

Our experts will do the hard work for you. Get a quote today. Call 01772 689 250 or email