Business Administration Apprentice Cody takes on plenty of responsibility in his role with The Greener Gardening Company

28 Jul 2021


Business Administration Apprentice, Cody, completed the Fast Track to Apprenticeship programme with St Helens Chamber and is now enjoying a varied administration role with local business The Greener Gardening Company.

Cody started the Fast Track to Apprenticeships programme with no experience, and was looking for a way to get his first step on the career ladder.

While at the Chamber, Cody worked on the skills he would need for an Administration role, along with general employability skills to show him exactly what to expect in the workplace.

Cody explained: “The Fast Track programme helped me develop the skills I needed to get into work. I developed my written and verbal communication skills particularly.

“In my previous job I didn’t have to communicate with customers as much as I do now, so I didn’t really have experience in dealing with customers in this way. The Fast Track programme definitely helped me gain these skills, and also gave me the specific administration skills I need for this job as I came into the Chamber with no experience in business administration.”

The Fast Track to Apprenticeships programme lasts up to 12 weeks, and gives young people aged 16-24 access to training in everything from communication, to CV writing and interview skills. The training is varied and includes workshops to build industry-specific skills, which ensures candidates stand out to employers.

During the programme, each trainee will be treated as an employee rather than a student. This means they can get a feel for what the workplace is actually like, and are much more prepared when they do secure a new role.

Cody continued: “I definitely faced barriers getting into work when it came to my confidence, but having the experience in the office during the Fast Track programme really helped my confidence – it gave me experience in what I’d actually be doing in my job now, so I knew what to expect.

“Being on the Fast Track programme meant that I got to work with other likeminded people, who showed me exactly what I’d be doing in the office on a daily basis and also what was expected of me.”

Cody now works as a Junior Business Administrator at The Greener Gardening Company, and he is enjoying a varied role with lots of responsibility and opportunities to learn and develop.

The Greener Gardening Company develop, manufacture and supply products that when used by gardeners will deliver great plants produced from materials that are produced as responsibly as possible.

Cody explained: “My role involves handling all the phone calls coming into the business and passing messages across to the relevant person or department. I also process purchase orders making sure everything is accurate and correct, and I’m also in charge of the stock levels of our PPE.”

The Fast Track to Apprenticeship programme has start dates every month, and can be tailored to a number of industries depending on each trainee’s career goals.

Cody commented: “I would definitely recommend the Fast Track Programme because there are so many different opportunities with the variety of courses for whatever you want to go into – its not just business administration, they had so many options to suit everyone.

“The course will teach you all the skills you need to do whatever it is you want to do. So, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

To find out more about the Fast Track to Apprenticeships Programme, call on 01744 742045 or visit