Bridging the gap between education and business

24 Aug 2020


St Helens Chamber is committed to making sure every young person in St Helens is ready, willing and able to contribute to our economy and community.

Young Chamber connects businesses to local education providers. It helps to bridge the gap between education and the workplace, highlighting the exciting and rewarding careers for young people.

Research shows there is a growing gap between education and employment. By getting involved in Young Chamber, businesses can take an active role in supporting St Helens community and build an effective pipeline of talent. The engagement with schools helps to bridge the skills gap, inspiring young people with the careers and opportunities open to them.

St Helens Chamber believes that young people need contact with the business community to gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience to complement their academic qualifications.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Helps to meet Corporate Social Responsibility requirements
  • Sets local young people on a path to careers and opportunities
  • Provides connection to potential work placements and future employees
  • Raises awareness of your industry and the skills required to enter it
  • Engages staff in an enjoyable activity, boosting staff morale
  • Improves the company’s reputation and builds a strong connection with your local community
  • Provides market insights gained from working with pupils
  • Opportunity to meet with other Young Chamber Sponsors on a regular basis

Learning to Work Programme

The Learning to Work Programme provides young people with an awareness of the employment opportunities available to them, both in St Helens and beyond its boundaries. The Learning to Work programme has been designed to meet these demands in one of the most challenging times for young people to succeed. Our aim is to create these aspirations early in life by working with primary schools, to help pupils progress through difficult transition points from education to employment and give them realistic guidance towards self-identified goals. We are regularly look for volunteers from local businesses to support our activities in primary schools, this could be simply talking to children about your job or even being a judge at one of our events.

Career Talks: Businesses engage with students about their career journeys/pathways, highlighting the ups and downs and various routes they can take when starting their career. Explaining the day-to-day workings of businesses and the variety of roles available.

Mock Interviews: Young Chamber helps prepare students for interviews when they leave education; whether for jobs, apprenticeships or university. Feedback can be given to students on how they can improve, boosting their confidence so they can improve their performance in future interviews.

Enterprise Days: By allowing students to visit our offices and factories, they are able to get a feel for how businesses run and what day-to-day life in the world of work is really like. Students are able to engage with employers and find out more about their business; it allows students to understand the qualifications and skills they will need to enter the world of work.

Become an Enterprise Adviser

Are you passionate about tackling youth unemployment in our region? If so, you can support a local school as an Enterprise Adviser.

St Helens Chamber is looking for volunteers from businesses large and small, to match with local schools and colleges as part of a Careers, Enterprise and Employer Engagement Plan for the Liverpool City Region.

The Enterprise Adviser Programme has been developed by the Careers & Enterprise Company to inspire and prepare young people for the world of work. Working together with Local Enterprise Partnerships, the company is building a national network of Enterprise Advisers and this is coordinated by St Helens Chamber for the St Helens and Halton area.

Your local Enterprise Coordinator will bring together schools, colleges and Enterprise Advisers in the area to develop effective employer engagement plans.

Work Experience

Work experience is the best way of enabling young people to get a flavour of what life is like in the world of work.

Students benefit greatly from their experience, such getting up early and travelling to work for an eight hour day, as well as being given more responsibility and treated like adults.

You and your business could play a valuable part in helping to develop the next generation of workers – and there are lots of benefits to you.

Your business could benefit from taking part in the work experience programme by being able to boost staff development through working with young people. It is also an effective way of raising your company profile by demonstrating ‘Investor in People’ status within the community.

Employers also have the opportunity to widen their recruitment pool while motivating young people to gain the necessary skills to work in their industry.

To find out more information on how your business can get involved in Young Chamber, please contact the Education Team on 01744 742026 or email