Beth’s Customer Service Apprenticeship gives her the skills and confidence to secure promotion at Flamco

07 Aug 2023


Beth Walker, Customer Service Supervisor at Flamco, has recently completed her Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship with St Helens Chamber and is now enjoying using her new skills and knowledge in her day to day role.

Beth explained: “The impact the programme has had on me is huge, I have managed to collect evidence from my Customer Service duties which is something I care a lot about and use this within my project.

“I have also gained insight into ways to improve which I can now take to my Manager, and hopefully we can deliver an even better service because of this. The course has also made me more confident to take my ideas to management to get their views.”

Apprenticeships are available for anyone, of any age and career level, to boost their skills and develop themselves to be more effective in their roles.




Beth added: “My knowledge, skills, and behaviours have improved throughout my Apprenticeship. They have made me look onto the customer journey more and showed me all the different ways I can help.

“My skills such as teamwork and communication have improved. This is because I needed to find evidence and discuss this with management but also needed to work as a team to get the best outcome.”

The benefits of Apprenticeships can be felt across any business, with employees gaining fresh ideas and actionable insights that they can bring to their roles. They also work closely with expert Training Advisers and other Apprentices to share best practices and ideas.

Caroline Carlisle, Sales Operations Director – UK & Ireland at Flamco, commented: “‘I feel the content of the course covers all aspects and more of a Customer Service role.

“Beth has grown in confidence on her journey and has understood the modules better because she is doing a Customer Service job alongside the qualification.”

Not only do Apprenticeships benefit employees in their day to day roles, giving them the tools they need to be more efficient in their jobs, but they also build transferrable skills and give employees a confidence boost and a new outlook on their roles.

Beth added: “I am proud I had the confidence to complete my EPA and proud at how well I did. My confidence has grown throughout my Apprenticeship which will help me both personally and professionally.

“The Apprenticeship has helped me get a promotion to Customer Service Supervisor. It has made me a more confident and more caring person with internal and external customers.”

St Helens Chamber is an OFSTED Good rated training provider, delivering a range of business training across the Liverpool City Region to help you develop your workforce.

Training can be built around your business’ needs, and many courses can be tailored to give your staff the most relevant skills.

Beth commented: “I loved my training at the Chamber. I think it’s very professional and my training advisor was always there for support. I would definitely recommend to a friend or family because I believe it is the best way to learn and achieve a qualification whilst working and improving your personal development.”

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