Bags of success for local company

17 May 2017


Family-owned The Leather Satchel Company has seen continued international success with the help of St Helens Chamber Export Services, regularly exporting to Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Japan, China, South Korea and around 80 other countries around the world.

Established in 1966 and currently based in Huyton, Merseyside, the Hanshaw family are British Master Craftsmen creating satchels based on the traditional Oxford and Cambridge style bags.

Since beginning exporting in 2010 the company has seen international sales increase and, with the help of Chamber Export Services, 4 out of 5 bags now end up overseas.

The Company has achieved significant trade with China and South Korea where the brightly coloured and neon bags are especially popular.

The family now have their sights set on conquering new markets. Managing Director Keith Hanshaw says: “We are trying to open up South America to our products. We have recently set up a small distribution hub in Colombia with the hope of expanding into Brazil and Chile later this year.”

Keith recently attended IFB2016 and picked up a number of international contacts which will hopefully prove lucrative for the business. Keith commented: “IFB2016 was successful for us in terms of gaining contacts. We connected with around 30 international stores and distributors which we are now following up on.”

As a Chamber Member the business has benefitted greatly from the Chamber’s Export Documentation and Export Readiness services.

Managing Director Keith Hanshaw says: “Without the help of the Chamber our international trade would be significantly less. The speed and response of the Chamber to our needs gives us the ability to then respond to our clients’ needs quickly, allowing us to continue to provide the world class services we are renowned for.”

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