Back to school; back to training!

26 Sep 2023


As children head back to school, many parents are finding themselves with more time and more opportunities to invest in their own personal and professional development.

St Helens Chamber offer a range of free short courses tailored for people wanting to get into work, or just to update their skills, and what better time to embark on a journey of skill building and self-improvement then a new term!

Enhancing Career Prospects with short courses

St Helens Chamber’s free short courses cover a wide range of subjects, including digital marketing, customer service, construction and many more.

These courses provide parents with the chance to upskill or reskill, enhancing their career prospects in an ever-evolving job market and making sure they have the best possible chances of success when finding and applying for roles.

The Chamber also are the National Careers Service for St Helens, so can offer free and impartial careers advice and support to find and apply for live vacancies.

Convenient course times and regular start dates

The courses offered by St Helens Chamber run during the daytime, so those needing to do the school run can still do this without missing the training.

Most courses also have regular start dates each month, so you’ll always be able to find a course that fits in with your schedule.

Build your confidence to get into work or further training

Training can be a confidence-boosting experience. The supportive environment at St Helens Chamber encourages parents to step out of their comfort zones, and gain new skills and knowledge that can be applied both in the workplace and at home.

Many courses come with accredited qualifications too, so you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge to employers and have some great talking points at interviews.

Start developing a wide range of skills this September

Take advantage of this opportunity now that children are back at school, and invest in your own skills.

With a wide range of courses to choose from, St Helens Chamber will give you all the tools you need to develop your skills and confidence.

Visit to explore the full range of courses available or call on 01744 698800 to find out more.