Architectural Company draws on Chamber support to help build its growth

28 Nov 2019


Entrepreneurial journeys can begin in any number of ways. Some people can pinpoint the exact moment, and for others it was a gradual dawning of an idea that blossomed over time.

The managing director of a St Helens architectural company remembers his moment with a clarity, convincing enough to make you think that it happened yesterday.

It was a February morning on a building site in North Acton, London. Tyrell Richardson, on his first day at work was freezing cold, wet and miserable,  He looked enviously at the people he spotted working in the warm dry site office. “What do they do” he asked the brick-layer he was working with. “They’re architects” the brickie answered, “You don’t want to do that though, you’ll be stuck in an office all day”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” thought the young Tyrell, and that evening he started to research how he too could become an architect, and one day to have his own business.

Fast forward 13 years and Tyrell is a qualified, architectural designer and he has earned his spurs working on a range of construction projects as an employee.  But, he never lost sight of the plans he made that day in North Acton to be the boss of his own company. Then the plans came to fruition.

Tyrell explains, “I had a good job, nice company car and a baby on the way. But I’ve always wanted my own business, and I decided to go for it. It just felt the right thing to do.”

TR Architectural Ltd was incorporated on the 13th February 2017, and working from home, Tyrell started his first day as managing director of his own company.

“I had no business experience at all,” he recalls, “I just had to learn everything as I went along, and the Chamber’s been a great help with that.”

Tyrell took advantage of the Chamber’s fully funded 12 hours of Business Financial Planning support. He explains, “I knew I had to learn about the finance side, and this was a great way to do it. I’d never seen a forecast before, let alone done one. I have since put in place a 5 year financial forecast and it sets out the targets I need to hit.”

The business grew quickly and Tyrell soon outgrew his spare bedroom office. He moved into an office on Haydock industrial estate and invested in additional equipment and software. “My feet haven’t touched the ground since I started,” says Tyrell, “it’s been non-stop, and the work just keeps coming in.”

Recognising the need to improve his marketing knowledge, Tyrell made use of the fully funded support provided by the Chambers Business Growth Programme. He explains, “We were getting work from recommendations, but I knew I had to do more in order to continue growing. The marketing support was great, I learnt so much working with the consultant, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough, I still refer to the documents now, it was a massive help”

So the journey continues, and Tyrell has recently started an additional company Dream Bricks Ltd, which is a construction company. “I wanted to offer the complete service from initial concept and design to building completion. We can now do everything including the project management, a full turnkey service.”

Now with 4 employees, TR Architectural is able to target larger projects, and has recently won a contract to design and re-furbish 9 apartments.

Tyrell says, “I’m really excited about the future for the business, and have loads of other ideas that I want to look at. I have to say though that the Chamber has been a massive help, whatever I’ve needed they always seem to have it.”

To find out more about TR Architectural Ltd visit

Business Financial planning Support is funded by St Helens Council and provides 12 hours fully funded support details here

The Business Growth Programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and provides 12 hours fully funded consultancy

For further information on both projects contact our Business Support Team on or call 01744 742058