Apprentice Jessica progresses into Deputy Manager role at Rosevilla Residential Home Ltd

17 Aug 2018

Business School Featured

Jessica Bruton has progressed from a Junior Carer into a Deputy Manager at Rosevilla Residential Home Ltd, thanks to support from St Helens Chamber’s Business School.

Jessica, said: “When I was at college I wanted to go to university, but then I started looking round different universities and had a few interviews and changed my mind.

“I got a job working in a local supermarket and then started looking into Apprenticeships. I approached the Chamber for support and started working at Rosevilla as a Business Administration and Care Apprentice.”

Having started as an Apprentice, Jessica has built up her qualifications completing her qualifications in Care and progressing onto the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care.

“I like my job and want to grow and develop. One of my main driving forces has been the residents, I want to make sure everything is in place and they are having good, enjoyable lives. Just because they are in a care home doesn’t mean it needs to feel like a prison.

“The Level 5 Management course was hard at first because it was such a leap up from the qualification I was doing beforehand. After that step and the initial learning I was able to progress.

“The promotion to Deputy Manager was a little difficult at first as I was stepping into a more authoritative role, I had to make sure staff listened to me as a manager and not as Jess.

“All the staff here have been very supportive of my progression, even the staff who have been here for years. They all want me to progress.”

Established in 1988, Rosevilla provides specialist dementia care, along with short-term respite for elderly people aged 65 and upwards.

Frances Nesarajah, Operations Director, said: “Jess’s development has been both rapid and meteoric. She has worked very hard to achieve all that has been expected of her, she listens to advice and gets things done. She has grown in confidence and can delegate and support whilst working with the team. She has a great understanding of care and has studied to get her level 5, another feather in her cap.

“Staff training and development is crucial in attaining a confident and knowledgeable workforce, this can only be a great outcome for our residents. When staff feel they understand a subject they are more confident in dealing with problems and their everyday tasks.

“Jess has shown great commitment to her role, she has embraced new legislation, understanding the need for compliance and has taken advice constructively. She still has things to learn but with her attitude to learning and responsibility it won’t take her long to achieve a great standard. We are very proud of her, lucky to have her, she is a credit to Rosevilla.

“Following our recent sign up to Membership we are very much looking forward to forging links with the Chamber, meeting new people and business and being part of a community. Thanks to the Chamber so far and of course Apprenticeships that enable us to welcome people like Jess.”

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