Apprentice Charlotte becomes one of the first hires at new nursery

20 Jun 2018


Charlotte Boyle is working towards her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Childcare at newly opened Nursery Happy Bunnies.

After completing her A Levels, Charlotte was unsure if she wanted to go to university so opted to take a year out so she could explore her options.

Charlotte explains: “I saw one of the Chamber’s Jobs Fairs advertised, and decided to head along and see what was available.

“As soon as I went I signed up for the Fast Track to Apprenticeships course and I was really happy as Apprenticeships were something I was looking into, but I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to go with it.”

Unsure of what area she wanted to go into, Charlotte met with a Careers Coach and looked further into the courses available, deciding that the Childcare Apprenticeship was best suited for her.

Within a few weeks of starting the course at the Chamber Charlotte began her Apprenticeship at Happy Bunnies, a newly opened nursery for children aged 0 – 5, becoming one of their very first members of staff.

Jeanette Moss, Director at Happy Bunnies, said; “Charlotte is our one and only Apprentice and the first we’ve taken on. We want to work closely with the Chamber and take on more Apprentices, it’s all about finding the right person for the job.

“Charlotte came for an interview and she’s been with us since the day we opened. She first did the Chamber’s fast track course to ensure she was the right fit for the job before moving on to an Apprenticeship.

“She came in every day, on time, she dug straight in with the kids and the paperwork showing willingness to do the job.

“We hope we go from strength to strength with the relationship with the Chamber. If everyone is as good and committed as Charlotte then we’ll have no problems at all.”

Since starting at Happy Bunnies Charlotte has shown great potential, gaining confidence looking after the children and not being afraid to do the job.

Charlotte added: “I come from a big family, so I’m used to being around kids. I’m not scared to get stuck in. It was really nice starting here because being newly opened, it started off as a few children, and has built up as I’ve gained in confidence.

“I love it here, all the staff are very supportive and I’m not scared to ask anything because I know they won’t complain.

“I think I have learnt quite a lot throughout my Apprenticeship because I’m working as well and I learn better hands on rather than sitting down and reading.

“I’m really happy in my Apprenticeship, if the Chamber hadn’t helped I probably wouldn’t have found it or I would have gone to university even though I didn’t want to.”

Charlotte continues to develop in her career at Happy Bunnies growing in confidence and forming good working relationships with the staff, children and parents.

Gemma Ridgeway, Nursery Manager, added; “You wouldn’t point Charlotte as being the Apprentice, if you lined up all the Members of staff.

“She’s confident when looking after the children and managing the children on her own and she’s built up a good relationship with the parents.”

For more information about Apprenticeships please call St Helens Chamber on 01744 742045 or email apprenticeships@sthelenschamber.comCharlotte Boyle