Apprentice Caitlin starts her career in Childcare

08 May 2019


Caitlin Little Journeys


Apprentice Caitlin Houghton joined the Little Journeys Day Nursery team in 2018 and has fast become a valued and important member of the team. Described by nursery owner Lyndsay Moore as ambitious and full of potential, Caitlin is well on her way to a successful Childcare career.

Caitlin studied Level 1 and Level 2 Childcare at college and left college to pursue her career. After speaking with friends Caitlin came along to the Chamber to start on a Fast Track to an Apprenticeship course.

Caitlin explained: “I spoke to a friend who recommended I get in touch with the Chamber about the Fast Track to an Apprenticeship course, she’d done the course and was successful in getting a job at the end of it so I thought I’d go along and find out more.

“I was struggling to find a job, so knowing a few of my friends had done the course and are now in jobs I thought I could start the Childcare course. I always wanted to go into Childcare and this seemed perfect”

After completing 4 weeks work experience, organised by the Chamber as part of her Fast Track to an Apprenticeship course, Caitlin impressed owner Lyndsay so much that she offered her a part time Level 2 Apprenticeship position.

Lyndsay commented: “She had shown she really wanted to do an Apprenticeship with us and I could see she had the potential to be an amazing practitioner, so I approached the Chamber to see if there were any Apprenticeships for her”

Alongside this, Caitlin is also pursuing her functional skills in Maths and Level 1 IT qualifications and is keen to keep on building her skills.

As Early Years Practitioner, Caitlin supports the children at the nursery with their development and is an important part of the team.

Caitlin commented: “I support the children day-to-day, helping them develop and making sure I follow policy and procedure to keep all the children safe. I keep the children’s files up to date which give parents a report on how the child is getting on and how they are developing. I also do activities with the children like messy play to help their development.

“I really enjoy the role I’m in now and love building up a relationship with the children”

Caitlin added: “I would definitely recommend the Fast Track to an Apprenticeship course to my friends, the interview skills part was really helpful and gave me a bit more confidence when I went out to employers”

Speaking of the help provided by St Helens Chamber to help young people improve their CV and interview skills, Little Journeys Day Nursery owner Lyndsay commented:

“Caitlin did really well in her interview, she came across well and gave great answers to all the questions considering it was one of her first interviews and her knowledge was limited around our business

Lyndsay continued: “Having an Apprentice has brought new, fresh talent into our business. It’s nice to have a young girl who wants to get in to early years as we don’t see that often now; Caitlin is very passionate about making this her career.

“Caitlin has made good relationships with all the children and is a confident member of staff who we’ve trained our way with our values and mission statements. Caitlin’s become a really strong member of the team now”

If you’d like to join Caitlin and many other Apprentices who have completed a Fast Track to an Apprenticeship and are well on their way to career success; call on 01744 742045 or email for more information.